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New Scrum Team - New Agile Coaching Approach Part #2

Sprint Burndown for Sprint #1

This is continuation of the New Scrum Team - New Agile Coaching Approach Part post.

The Sprint is over and a new one was started yesterday. The Sprint Burndown looked nice until the last day of the Sprint where it was obvious, that the Team won't burn hours to 0. There was also no time to prepare good demo and some code stayed in Ready for Review state. Estimates for tasks were correct, just the Ideal Day wasn't. the Team noticed and on the Retrospective we had notes like "I need more time", "6h daily, not 8". And in fact average daily burndown through that Sprint was 6h for each team member. Team wasn't very enthusiastic about the Sprint delivery and there were points like "We need Product Backlog to be build", "Lack of clear goal and planning ahead. No requirements.". Once again more of the framework was delivered, few Proofs on Concepts, but not much to show and no business value. Now the ball is on the business side. The new Sprint was planned with 6h per Ideal Day. Team committed to less than full capacity to leave some margin for unexpected tasks and meetings with 3rd parties for consultation. First time the Planning Meeting was done in planned time.

Surprisingly to me we have discovered a conflict and issues in communication within the Team, but there was also easy solution found. The solution is basically to keep time after lunch and after Scrum as time to help other team members and do the reviews. This way we will avoid interruptions and context switching.

To sum up: the Team knows how to use inspect & adapt loop, there are good lessons learned captured and the Scrum framework is utilized better with every iteration. My new approach which facilitator, observer and mediator seems to work quite well with the new project.