SCRUM i nie tylko


Ken Schwaber talking about Definition of DONE

Here are three videos published on YouTube. Ken Schwaber is presenting about "flaccid Scrum" and succeeding with Scrum on a conference in Montréal. The conference was organized by Pyxis Technologies (

How to speed up your Firefox

Firefox logo

You can set up Firefox to load cached images and data from memory instead of the hard disk. With Firefox you can do it even without using a RAM disk.

Web Designers vs Web Developers

Today it's Friday and therefore time for some IT humour. Have you ever wondered what are the differences between Web Designer and Web Developer? Below you will find your answer in form of infographic.

Please log in to log out

Hilarious defect. One of the most funny messages, user can see.

Log in defect

Hidden assumptions and implicit requirements

I was going home and I was walking through the lobby in direction of stairs leading to underground parking. Next to the stairs there is small lift. I think the lift can carry 3 people with some luggage. When I was approaching the stair, lift went from the parking to ground floor and the door opened. The view was quite unusual, because I saw a guy sitting on one of these self-propelled cleaning machines. Now, if you would like to go into business of cleaning machines, would you think about requirement specifying that this thing needs to fit into small lift? It wouldn't cross my mind.

Quote of the month

It's only few days in new month and we already have candidates for quote of the month title.

  • "Stories should be written As a Product Owner ..., because he writes the story."
  • "Can we test this anyhow? I suppose it's configuration and user doesn't see this."

I have strange feeling that this post will be updated till end of the month ;)

Murphy's law on Agile Zone

In our business Murphy's laws, funny coincidences like to manifest themselves on daily bases.

Today going through list in my Google Reader I have found an interesting article, one from series about lean software development. The article has title Waste #7: Defects and look at the picture, which appeared on my screen.

Screenshot form Agile Zone

Update to Jira 4.1 and GreenHopper 5.2

Finally we updated Atlassian Jira to v4.1.2 and GreenHopper to 5.2.3

But what was the first impression?

Well, to make it short: "What the hell?"